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At Innophos, our people are the heart of our organization and the foundation of our success. Driven by our core values of safety, diversity, integrity, and collaboration, we strive to promote a culture which supports and encourages creativity, fairness, and inclusion.

Our Core Values

We are guided in our work and interactions by four core values. Every day, we are committed to making these values a reality – this is who we are and how we succeed.



We care about people

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our people, our customers and the end consumers of our products. That is why safety is a key priority and a core value of Innophos. Through our LiveSafe corporate safety program, we consistently promote safe manufacturing practices, provide employee training, empower employees to speak up, and foster a strong sense of teamwork.


We value each individual

We embrace how our differences power greater creativity and productivity. Our culture supports and encourages inclusion, gender equality, and the uniqueness of each and every member of our team. We are especially proud of our cultural diversity and truly believe that this is what drives success.


We do what is right

We believe that good decision making is guided by a strong moral compass and a grounding in facts. We conduct our business honestly in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We understand that doing the right thing means never compromising on the quality and integrity of our products.


We are stronger together

Working together as a team is how we learn from one another and share in our common purpose to formulate innovative, science-backed solutions. We utilize our collective knowledge and experience to increase efficiency and enhance creativity. This collaborative spirit is essential to our business and our purpose to improve quality of life.

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